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Service Center Supervisor

4 months ago Sales & Marketing Male, Maldives
  • Company:  Gulf Craft Maldives Private Limited

  • Salary:  Not Disclosed

  • Vacancy For:  All Country

  • Job Category:  Sales & Marketing

  • Job Type:  Full-time

Job Details

Supervises the daily activitiesof the boatyard staff as directed; deploys staff and monitors work, developsstaff skills, and evaluates performance; meets regularly with staff to discussand resolve workload and technical issues; trains staff on work methods,procedures, techniques and safety.

· Monitors boatyard activities and operations to verify andenforce compliance with rules and regulations imposed by the air quality board,water quality board, District and other governing agencies.

· Operates and positions crane and boat straps to lift and removea variety of boats from the water for shoring and to return to the water;shores boats by positioning stands under boats to allow owners and vendors safeand efficient access to boat for repairs and maintenance; operates jib boom tostep and un- step masts, remove or place marine engines from or into boats.

· Operates pressure washer to clean vessels.

· Schedules boatyard services for customers and Port Districtvessels.

· Operates mechanical yard sweeper to clean boatyard grounds;organizes and maintains equipment including boat stands and heads, crib blocksand various supplies.

· Collects and records information about dust from sanding,paints, lacquers, stormwater run-off and other air or water board regulatedproducts and events; calculates air contaminant levels and prevents or stopswork when necessary to maintain environmental compliance; prepares and submitsreports as necessary.

· Monitors stormwater retention levels and operates filtrationplant; monitors environmental contamination levels and verifies compliance withwater board requirements; maintains records of stormwater levels and plantoperations; submits reports as necessary.

· Manages boatyard chandlery; ensures that inventory of productsis appropriate and turns over regularly; calculates prices; checks stock andreports losses to manager; ensures that sales are accurately entered intomarina management system; orders new inventory and coordinates with vendors.

· Maintains a variety of operational and compliance records,prepares and submits reports as required.

· Calculates boatyard fees and collects and processes cash, check,and credit card payments from customers; maintains budget and accountingrecords for boatyard operations; prepares biweekly cash deposits.

· Opens and closes the boatyard offices; provides customer serviceby answering phones and e-mails, providing a variety of information aboutboatyard services; maintains retail inventory; orders stock items, placescustomer orders; receives shipments and stocks or delivers to customer asappropriate.

· Manages boatyard contractor registration process; facilitatesnew applications; maintains files, checks for expiration of insurancecertificates, licenses and other documents and pursues renewals.

· Supports the relationship between the District and the generalpublic by demonstrating courteous and cooperative behavior when interactingwith visitors, boatyard patrons and District staff; maintains confidentialityof work-related issues and District information.

· Ensures communication throughout chain of command.

· Ensures training requirements of subordinate staff are met.